Welcome!   Since 1988  We have  worked hard to manage the wildlife on this ranch.  We have what we believe is a fabulous hunting opportunity.  There is a 2 to 1 ratio buck to doe.   During  your hunt you will see several bucks in the 135 to 150  Boone and Crockett  range with opportunities to see that 180 to 190  to 200 class Trophy that will take your breathe away.  They are definitely heart stoppers.   The ranch has a range of topography of draws, meadows, and hills . There is a pond that offers great bass fishing for those that like to catch bass.  WEll, as you can see it's a great hunting paradise and we welcome your call and or your presence.

1079CR. 4630  Kempner, Texas    Ranch # 512-932-2250  cell # 658-0069     email:  harmonyranchtx@hotmail.com
The 2016 deer season has started off great despite the drought.  HARMONY RANCH uses year around  feeding so as to hedge against such disasters.  We irrigated where necessary and were able to see some quality bucks emerge.  The Ranch is in good hunting shape and we  look forward to  seeing you.